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WEDNESDAY: Open mike with Neil Down & Jerry Mandering

THURSDAY: New singing sensation from Israel “Less More”.   He combines

the perfect mixture of Jazz & Blues or as we call it “Jews”.



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Each name below is a link to the artists music! 


GARY P. NUNN FRI. July 25th-canceled

We are re-booking him, stay tuned.  Leslie Krafka Band is taking this night.










ADAM CARROLL    FRI. AUG. 22nd, 2014 (with Wrecks swapping

      songs.  Opening act is Chris Carroll and Janet Bell (Our Wives)



QandA SAT. AUGUST 30, 2014





      SAT. SEPT 20th, 2014





Check out the link below.  It’s a great article about the Old Quarter and me.


FRI. JULY 25th  - The Leslie Krafka Band….Leslie has opened up for most of the

Major acts we have here.  This is the perfect time for her to step out of the shadows and

on to the stage as a headliner.   Beautiful voice, intriguing lyrics.  Great little lady.

Gary P. Nunn  Has Cancelled, stay tuned we will re Book him.  


SAT. JULY 26, 2014 Jesse Dayton & John Evans Jesse Dayton

       Raised in Beaumont, TX, near the childhood home of George Jones,

       Jesse Dayton grew up on the hardcore honky

       tonk of Jones, Hank Williams, Sr., and Lefty Frizzell, but also blues artists

       such as Lightnin’ Hopkins and Mance Lipscomb. John can boast six wins

       for Best Male Vocalist, four for Best Songwriter and a pair for both Best

       Roots Rock and Musician of the Year. You won’t hear him boast, though.

       He’s as humble as they come. And the most personable performer on

       the road. He’ll make each and every audience member feel like a family member.

       John Evans is a lanky 6 foot 5 and can rock your world! He sees things

       differently than most people and it shows in his music. He is a real

       sweetheart and a great musician! His grandfather not only played guitar

       but also built them. His musical ancestry shines through in every song he songs

       with his rock n roll.

       Now, with Jesse and John together….. it should be an enormous exhibition of

       two greatly talented musicians laying their hearts out on our stage!

       This is one show you don’t want to miss!…


FRI. AUG. 1 Joe Ely (born February 9, 1947) is an Austin, Texas,              

       honky-tonk/country musician. Ely, born in Amarillo, spent his

       formative years from age 12 in Lubbock, Texas.

       Shortly after high school, in 1970, with fellow Lubbock musicians

       Jimmie Dale Gilmore and Butch Hancock, he formed The Flatlanders.

       According to Ely, “Jimmie was like a well of country music.

       He knew everything about it. And Butch was from the folk

       world. I was kinda the rock & roll guy, and we almost had a triad.

       We hit it off and started playing a lot together.  That opened up a

       whole new world I had never known existed.” In 1972, the band

       released their first and— until 2002’s Now Again— only album,

       but have appeared together on each other’s albums. Since the band’s

       initial break-up just after their album was cut, the three musicians

       have followed individual paths.


 SAT. AUGUST 2 HANK SCHYMA  Member of the Southern Backtones and

       Tornado Chaser will fill The Old Quarter with his impeccable music.

       Don’t miss this show!



THUR. AUGUST 7 WHEATFIELD: Keith Grimwood and Ezra Idlet of TROUTFISHING IN AMERICA, Connie Mims, and Craig Calvert

      WHEATFIELD began in Houston in 1973

       and quickly established themselves at the forefront of the then emerging

       Texas music scene. Expanding their original country, bluegrass,

       and folk musical influences into the jazz and rock genres, they appeared

       on the 1st season of the new PBS series "Austin City Limits" in 1976,

       and later, as St. Elmo's Fire, co-wrote, toured and performed two

       original rock ballets with the Houston, Dallas, Ft. Worth and Chicago Ballet Companies.

       Ezra and Keith went on to fame and fortune with Trout Fishing in America,

       while Craig and Connie pursued successful solo careers and continued

       to perform together from time to time. Wheatfield reunited in

       2004 and, much to the delight of their fans, have continued to write,

       record, and perform together several times a year ever since.


FRI. AUGUST 8TH Kevin Anthony and Ganey Arsement Unlike many

       of today's "old-timey" bands, who play a wide range of folk,

       bluegrass and country, Kevin Anthony & the Twin City Playboys

       (his Minneapolis based band) & Kevin Anthony & G-Town

       (his Galveston based band) are trying something different:

       rather than encompass a variety of sounds, they have pinpointed

       a very specific genre. Born and raised in Galveston, Texas, band

       leader Kevin Anthony has always been drawn to the combination

       of Texas and Cajun music that dominated his region growing up,

       and their debut album Texas Memories plays like a tribute to

       Anthony's musical upbringing. "I love the old style of music mostly

       because it reminds me of my family and the music that they used to play,

       " Anthony explains. "After the passing of my grandparents I felt

       the strong need to carry on their musical tradition." Joining Kevin

       is Ganey Arsement Born and raised in Lake Charles, Louisiana,

       you might think that Cajun singer, songwriter,

       and accordion player Ganey Arsement makes his music

       on the fringes of Cajun country. Actually, Lake Charles

       is more of a crossroads, a meeting point between the

       honky-tonks of East Texas (Beaumont, Texas, the home

       of George Jones, is 45 minutes away), and the Cajun

       dancehalls of Southwest Louisiana. Ganey’s music

       reflects these crossroads, and on his new album,

       Le Forgeron, he slips as easily between the cranking

       heat of the Cajun accordion and the electric twang of

       East Texas country and electric blues.



       Solo career picking up! Been opening for touring acts

       @ The Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe (Thanx Wrecks Bell) in

       Galveston,Tx. Name drop zone...opened for Terri Hendrix & Lloyd Maines,

       Hayes Carll, Shake Russell, Jessie Dayton, and Adam Caroll.

And saving the best for last, I'm so excited...I won a contest

       (I never win anything!)... a songwriter's contest @ 106.9 fm

       " The Ranch" in Corsicana,Tx. YIPPIE!! Part of the loot for winning

       is a ten song recording session, a beautiful Jasmine guitar and an

       invitation to perform @ Larry Joe Taylor's way-cool Music Festival

       for 20,000 people. I got to rub elbows with Larry Joe Taylor, Rodney Foster,

       Michael Hearne, Jason Boland and a cast of thousands...we had a blast !!!


Fri. Aug 15 FREDDIE STEADY KRC With Cam King

       Cd release from 5:00PM to 8:00 PM

       Austin Music Awards Hall-of-Famer Freddie Steady Krc

       comes by his name honestly. This singer / songwriter / guitarist

       / drummer /renaissance Texan has plied his musical wares

       around the world the past few decades. A charismatic live

       performer, Krc wins over any audience with his captivating

       original songs and engaging stage presence. He also enjoys capturing

       the spirit of his favorite cover songs. Krc (rhymes with search) landed  

       in Austin at the moment that a musical revolution was getting started

       at a styles-don’t-matter joint called the Armadillo. The kid and the

       town were a perfect match.


       When Freddie Steady Krc comes to perform at The Old Quarter,

       you can always have the highest expectations for a musical

       performance that will get your toes tapping, your head moving,

       and get a smile on your face. We are always thrilled to see

       Freddie Steady Krc plays on our stage. He has brought so many

       fine entertainers with him so you never know who you might meet.

       Steady Freddie Krc is The Real Deal!!!



Fri. August 15th, James Sturrock, For those that require labels, you could call

       it World fusion. It’s what Willie Nelson might have sounded like had he grown

       up after Bob Marley, Reaganomics, and The Clash. Anyone

       who appreciates a good singer-songwriter that plays heartfelt and

       emotional music will no doubt be moved. Although FIEL’s

       World Fusion sound leans heavily on Reggae for inspiration,

       their music is decorated with waves of Latin American,

       Caribbean and Afro-Cuban polyrhythm, not to mention the occasional

       Rock burner, acoustic jam, or Americana tear-dropper. .. .. .. .. .. ..




Sat. Aug. 16th GUY FORSYTH Guy is known today as a musician with gripping,

       powerful vocals as well as a master of numerous instruments. He started his

       musical development first with singing, and began playing harmonica at 16.

       Shortly thereafter he heard a very distinct and overwhelming sound on Kansas City

       radio that changed his life; it was Robert Johnson. After that, he borrowed a guitar,

       fell in love and learned to tune it with his feet from a friend who had lost both

       his arms in an accident. In college, he lasted a single semester at the

       University of Kansas, and then he found the music he had been seeking – gritty,

       organic folk and blues, “from a practical hands-on, gears, joints and joists level.”

        And he struck out to learn it.



FRI. AUG. 22nd - ADAM CARROLL A Texas Songwriter born and raised, Adam Carroll takes

       the events of ordinary lives and turns them into deeply moving,

       often humorous songs. With seven Indie CDs supporting regular tours

       across the USA, Canada and Europe as "one of the hippest songwriters

       on the Texas music landscape", this engaging Americana guitar-picker

       has earned further critical acclaim with song placements in the Grammy

       nominated film, Country Strong and others.

“The core of what I do is songwriting; it's the one thing I'm passionate about.

       It's the most fulfilling and challenging job I can imagine." explains Adam.

       Wrecks will be swapping songs with Adam,  Chris Carroll will

       song swap with Janet Bell.





Sat. August 23rd Sara Hickman Sara Hickman has garnered recognition as a captivating

       singer/songwriter, vocalist and musician, with artists

       such as Shawn Colvin, the Flatlanders, Robert Earl Keen,

       Willie Nelson and many others covering her songs. On her

       Kirtland Records debut release Shine, Hickman delivers

       another memorable collection of 10 songs that will take

       the listener on an intense journey destined to evoke a

       broad spectrum of emotions. We are glad to see Sara

       Return to the Old Quarter stage!!!



Fri. Aug. 29th  Robert Kuhn and Bonnie Bishop  Robert Kuhn left for Pennsylvania

         at the age of eighteen, where he studied Mathematics and English

         Literature at Bucknell University. After Pennsylvania, Robert worked

         and traveled through New York and Texas before descending to South America.

         From 2001 to 2010, Robert lived in Chile, Colombia and Costa Rica before finally settling

         in Nicaragua as a farmer, fisherman and vagabond writer, playing music

         all the while. In 2010, he moved North to Houston and on to Galveston,

         where the music took over.

       BONNIE BISHOP “Her music washed over me with a purity and soulfulness

       that is rarely found in this world of noise. Afterwards when I was walking home,

       I could hear Bonnie’s songs in my head… and for the first time in a long time,

       I felt like I was in tune” Robert Earl Keen


Sat. August 30, 2014 QANDA’S (pronounced “Q & A”)

       musical roots in rock, pop, folk, blues, and singer/songwriter

       traditions have created a unique sound that has given the band

       growing recognition as a talented group that will continue to

       make a mark on the American music scene. With influences      

       as diverse as Neil Young, Wilco, the Grateful Dead,

       Bob Dylan, Guy Clark, Neil Young, Townes Van Zandt,

       and many others, the four-piece’s wide-ranging sound

       and fresh yet accessible shows have been lighting up audiences nationwide.

              On September 15th 2012, QandA officially released

       its second studio album, entitled 285. This album

       was recorded in Houston and features all original compositions

       in a variety of moods that are unified by a distinctively American

       feel and a warm, open sound. The band is currently supporting the

       album's release with a 2012-2013 tour to Tampa, Austin,

       San Antonio, Dallas, Santa Fe, New Orleans, Denver,

       New York and various cities and small towns in between.

       Recently nominated in several categories for the Houston Press

       Music Awards, including Best Band, Best Songwriter, and

       Best Local Song ‘Woman of My Dreams”, and, following their

       successful tour of their latest CD “285”, QandA is making a name

       for itself here at home, in Texas. The band released their second record,

       “285”, after their successful EP “Floe”. “285” and has been

       getting great press as well as outstanding radio play.

              QandA performs as the acoustic duo of Baizan and Zipper

       and also as a full band with Mark Dulworth on bass and Dustin

       Wolfe on drums and percussion.


Fri. Sept. 5th Larry Joe Taylor“The music of Larry Joe Taylor

       is flavored with an engaging coastal blending of

       Texas country music and salty melodies reminiscent

       of the slow-paced, relaxed experience of

       island-hopping through a long carefree tropical

       vacation. The lyrics fall like summer-morning dew

       drops from the palms of Port Bolivar while Captain

       LJT sets a course that will take you far away from

       the hustle and bustle of the modern world and into

       the realm of a nonchalant and unrestrained existence

       when you make landfall on his ‘Third Coast.’


SAT. SEPT. 6 KINKEY FRIEDMAN Richard Samet "Kinky" Friedman is an

       American Texas Country singer, songwriter, novelist, humorist, politician

       and former columnist for Texas Monthly who styles himself in the mold

       of popular American satirists Will Rogers and Mark Twain. He was one

       of two independent candidates in the 2006 election for the office

       of Governor of Texas. Receiving 12.6% of the vote, Friedman

       placed fourth in the six-person race. We are glad to have him back!

       He always delivers a remarkable show!


FRI. SEPT. 12TH SHELLEY KING  The music of Shelley King draws

       from and blends a spectrum of roots music styles, but one word succinctly

       describes it: soulful. Be it R&B, folk, blues, country, bluegrass or rock

       or combinations of and variations on those themes she delivers the goods

       straight from the heart with a voice that’s splendidly rich and warm

       and as big as all outdoors. Writing a proverbial trunk full of instant

       hits and yet-unheard classics, as the Austin Chronicle describes

       her songs, King has risen from the vibrant music scene in the

       Texas capital city to charm fans across North America, Europe

       and Japan, win two Austin Music Awards, and be named the

       Texas State Musician for 2008.

       This will be her CD release of “Building A Fire”.



       Shake Russell. To fully appreciate and comprehend the magnitude of

       Shake’s contributions to music, one need only listen to his

       life’s work. From his 1976 album, “Songs on the Radio,” to

       the 2006 CD, “Love is Why,” Shake’s music is a testament

       to the reasons why he is so widely celebrated as a

       Texas music legend.


Fri. Sept. 19th Max Stalling Band!!!! Texas based

       songwriter, Max Stalling, had no expectation

       of ever being in the music business. “I didn’t

       even pick up a guitar until graduate school,”

       notes Stalling. Stalling’s style is modern with

       a vintage feel. With Jeff Howe on drums and

       percussion, Clay Willis on guitar, and Jason Steinsultz

       swapping between upright and electric bass, Stalling

       creates a dynamic live show that’s smart, charming

       and as listenable as it is danceable. Stalling and

       troupe are equally at home on a huge concert stage

       in front of thousands or playing an acoustic set

       for a hundred.…



SAT. SEPT. 20th  -   Brad Boyer with Wrecks and Janet opening.“2010 GRASSY HILL KERRVILLE NEW FOLK FINALIST!! Congratulations to the

       New Folk Finalists for 2010. These songwriters were chosen from 800 outstanding
submissions we received from around the world. This is the 39th year for New
Folk and is always one of the highlights of the Kerrville Folk Festival. ”

       Kerrville Folk Festival Brads recent release of the CD titled Montagu Hotel is an excellent exhibition of his wonderful talent.



Fri. Sept. 21st  -  Robert Kuhn and his band of misfits, renegades. & Beach Bums


Sept. 27th  -  James Sturrock and one of his many different bands.  The Great thing

About that is, when James fronts any band, they are GREAT!!!!!!!!


Fri. Oct. 3rd  -  Robert Kuhn and one of his great bands.


Sat. Oct. 4th—Matt Mejia from Come See My Dead Person.  Any musical endeavor

that Matt is involved with is great.  Matt has a golden voice, interesting music and

simply different than anyone else. 



FRI. NOV. 21 RICHARD DOBSON “Dobson writes in the pithy, down-to-earth

       style that is at the heart of country music. He traffics in down-and-outism

       and that spirit-whatever it may be – that gets people through hard times

       and toughens them without numbing their sensitivity.” Dale Adamson

       Inspired by the example of Kris Kristofferson and the records Bob Dylan

       had made there, I moved to Nashville, Tennessee in 1971, beginning

       a series of peregrinations back and forth to Texas that continued for

       almost three decades. In the late seventies I began a series of newsletters

       published in an English fanzine called Omaha Rainbow. I recorded my first LP,

       In Texas Last December, an album of original songs released on Buttermilk

       Records, a small Houston based label in 1977. I began selling records

       overseas by mail order. I began touring Europe in the eighties, which

       led to a recording deal with Brambus Records in Switzerland, an affiliation that

       has lasted to this day.

       Occasionally people ask me if I’ve been able to make a living at this

       business, and I’ve always answered that while you couldn’t call it a

       living, I wouldn’t trade the life. Music has enriched my existence

       immeasurably and brought so much joy, I would be a fool to

       complain about the hard times.



SAT. NOV. 22, 2014 Seth Walker Yes, he is coming! The driving delivery

       and infectious down-home style of Seth Walker’s voice and songs resonate

       with Blues and Roots music. Although he is heavily influenced

       by guitar players--B.B. King, T-Bone Walker and Snooks Eaglin

       to name just a few, Seth also has a great gift for songwriting in

       the blues idiom. “These songs sound like classics-- matter of fact,

       they are!” says Chris Tomlin, Gold Record recording artist.


FRI. DECEMBER 5, 2014 Dana Cooper…. With his newest release,

       The Conjurer Cooper strikes a powerful balance between a lived-in,

       natural artistry and a passionate desire to speak one’s truth. Finding

       that balance between craft and art takes experience, and this is where

       Cooper’s lifelong commitment to his work shows: Having started

       performing more than 40 years ago at age 16, he owns an expert

       craftsman’s skilled hand and a dedicated artist’s constant desire to

       tap deeper into his own experience.


SAT. DEC. 6, 2014 GEORGE ENSLE George is a songpainter. His word images

       and melodies detail landscapes. He paints a “…smooth  

       Texas breeze that moves through ancient  trees, filling the sky with

       God’s own poetry.”  And paints a sunset where he has

       “…seen time stand still, out on the edge of day’s fading light

       from a sun slipping over a hill.” He paints a housewife in her

       kitchen where “…she waltzes across Texas, as young as she

       used to be, dancing where nobody sees.”




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